What a clever page title, huh? I spent hours crafting that one…

My dear Hubber and I have been married for 15 wonderous, adventure-filled years and have been blessed with three wonderful boys. Bub is 11, Chocky is 8 and Rexie is 3.  Ursula Minor is our very goofy Newfy, who, when you can wake her up, is the sweetest dog ever.

We do our best to lead a faithfully Catholic life, and welcome those with honest and sincere questions about the Church. Seekers, you have found a safe harbor. We ask that everyone’s comments please respect the nature and family atmosphere of our blog. Say what you will, but please with a loving heart and a charitable keyboard.

We are a military family stationed here in Texas for nearly four years. Initially the move down here was anything but a dream come true–more like a nightmare. Over the years, my heart has warmed and our time in Texas has been a source of real grace for us.

We live with the deployment-go-round, which is…interesting. I’ve actually gotten over the “poor-me-this-is-the-worst-thing-ever” attitude and seen it for what it is: it’s a holy pruning, my friends! John 15:5 describes exactly what heights life’s difficulties can assent to. I choose to see the blessings and the grace rains down from heaven.

Thank you for visiting, and may God’s blessings be eternally yours.