“Eucharista” © 2007 Jennifer M. Sinclair

On May 1st, we were so happy and blessed to have launched our little family apostolate, Covenant Rosary™“Artfully Crafted by Hand & Heart”.

We offer artfully hand-crafted rosaries, a feast for the eyes and irresistable to the hands.  You’ll find both wire-wrapped rosaries and those strung on SoftFlex wire as well, with gorgeous semi-precious gemstone beads and adornments.  And we’ll be posting our Sacramentals (chaplets, tenners, etc) and Jewelry pages soon.   And the best part?  Not only are they beautiful and durable, but half of your proceeds go to really worthy causes.

Come on over–everyone is welcome and we hope you enjoy your visit!


The Sinclair Family

“Eucharista” hand-crafted rosary with Bethlehem Olive Wood Aves and Red Poppy Jasper Paters.  Crucifix and center connector are cast in bronze from antique pieces.